The Grand - Continued (wether you like it or not)

As Ed sat in his chair watching the band set up. A couple of the staff, who were not too busy, and not too offended by Ed's lack of interest, came over to say hello. The bar manager Fara - who thought that Ed was about as bright as a dimly lit ally in the back of dimly lit town on the dimest day of the year in the dimest part of the world, and wasn't affraid of telling him that on a regular basis - quikly and succinctly without a word or even a look of disatisfaction made the staff move on in a hurry and replaced them by sitting in the chair next to Ed. Fara was not exactly a beautiful woman all things considered but there was definately an air of sexuality to her that always made Ed pay close attention to her whenever she was near. Of course he did this while trying to appear as nonchalant as possible as anyone in the same situation with the same social sensibilities as Ed, would. "Who's on tonight?" Fara said while looking straight at the side of Eds face. Ed knew this was a question directed at him but got the strange feeling that it was more a challange with an underlying subtext that he was not privy too, or it could have just been a question. Fara always had the effect of making Ed feel like the real conversation was going on in silence while he was obliviously prattling on about a completely tangent and irelevant topic. "Jose's Howling Harlettes, The Dogsbodies and Fantastic Friction" Ed recited.................................................

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Section 10

Well after appealing to district court I can ride my bike again = ]] woot!!!

I love it, it is soooo much fun. you definately know how fast you are going when you are riding a bike down the M3 = ]]


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It was unusual wether for this time of year, in fact it was unusual wether for any time of year, sheets of rain were beating against the ground as if to clean away the unwanted tyranny of man from the scarred earth of this ever turning world. To Ed it seemed the time had come for the end of mans dominion. Time for a return to a truer way of living and dying. The way man used to live and die, the way of the wolves and of the bears and lions. The way of the ancient races of earth, the way of the hunt and struggle to survive…. “Hey Ed, the rain has cleared a bit now, do you want to go for a beer down at the tav?”, a voice called up the stairs to Ed’s loft bedroom. “Bugger off Carl, I am trying to get ready for Armageddon.” Ed’s monotone drawl called back down the stairs. Ed turned back to the window in the ceiling that angled down on both sides of Ed’s room in the classic style of federation terraces all over Sydney city.
The door to Ed’s room swung open to reveal a tall pale faced figure standing in the opening with a white sheet wrapped around him. “I’ve come for you Ed” the figure spoke in an eerie voice. Ed turned around to meet the figure in the eyes. “Get that crap off your face Carl, and lets get down to the pub, Emma’s band is playing tonight, I want to get a good seat.” Ed said as he grabbed his jacket off the bed and sprayed some deodorant under his arms to get rid of that just woke up in these clothes, smell off him. Carl hadn’t moved. As Ed reached the door to go through Carl lifted his arms in a zombie type of mime and started oooing and stepped towards Ed. Ed moved to one side as Carl tripped over the sheet he was wearing and tumbled on to the floor. “Argh my bloody knee.” Carl complained as he clutched at the injured limb. “So you gonna wear that tonight.” Ed Said “It suits you, dumb arse.” He called back as he leaped down the stairs and out the front door. “OY” shouted Carl trying to convey the meaning that Ed should wait for his mate to follow before he disappears out the door. The plea was unsuccessful Carl realised as he heard the iron security gate clang shut after Ed.

The Pub looked like a dank derelict kind of place, as soon as you walked in your nostrils filled with the smell of stale, beer soaked floorboards and smoke drenched curtains and furniture, your shoes stuck to the ground as you walked. It was the kind of place where the pub owners know that to clean the floors would just invite the few patrons they have to throw more beer on the floor to make up for the change in atmosphere. This was Ed’s type of place, in fact it was owned by his uncle, and Ed managed the entertainment and hiring of staff. The pub was called “The Grand” all the furniture in it dated back to 1950 and you could see that once it could have been considered so. Now though, the sign hung crooked and faded and the furniture was well past its prime. Perfect for the regular semi bohemian crowd that considered The Grand a home away from, a home away.

Ed walked in and immediately saw the usuals in their usual situation. All trying to look slightly dishevelled but doing it in such a manner, that you know that they spent an hour doing so. Ed appreciated them because they matched the furniture so well. Nodding a greeting to a few of them he walked to the bar and got one of the staff to pour him his drink of choice. A cold glass of Draught. He then took his drink, sipping it while he walked over to a table near the right of the stage. He knew that Emma stood to the right of the stage when she played. He sat down and waited for Carl to show up in his sheet and flour cacked facial mask. He thought that it may have been just a ruse, intended for the ghost gag alone, but Carl is not one to let go of a joke easily, especially when it hasn’t yet received the acclaim he feels it so richly deserved.

To be continued...

Okay so maybe I over reacted a bit....

Well I finally tracked my dad down in hospital and found that he is actually in traction and was pumped full of morphine when I got his asshole msg on my phone.

So maybe he is not as bad as I thought, he still could have called me though and let me know what the hell was going on.

I still have a hell of a lot of shit to deal with so I am not out of the woods yet, but at least I know that my dad doesn't hate me and that he is going to recover from his injuries.

Someone wants to buy my motor bike now, I don't know if I want to sell it though until after my appeal, at least. Maybe I should sell it regardless. I dunno, we will see.

Well there is still some hope for me after all, I guess I should be pretty stressed out about all the debts and shit I have racked up but I really feel quit happy just ignoring all the default letters I am getting. Especially since the two debts that have gone in to default are completely bullshit. One is from 3 who couldn't get a bill right, even if they used an autistic with an abacus. The second one is from the bloody state rail idiots who charged me for traveling without a ticket twice, both of which I paid even though it was because my weekly ticket had just elapsed. But one of the arseholes who charged me decided to up the fine by $650 because I gave him a bit of lip. FUCK THAT.

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I think I must have some kind of invisible imp following me around fucking things up at the moment. The series of events that have taken place over the last few weeks have just been too fucked up to be an accident.

When it rains it floods.

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I am actually really freaked out about the way my Dad is acting. He really can be an ass but this latest crap he is pulling just came out of no where.

I bet it has something to do with the Step bitch... Well De facto Bitch or some shit... Who the hell knows these days.

Anyway, I am freaked out.

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That is all.

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My Bothers party:

There were shite loads of impressionable youths at the party for me to lecture on the ways of the world and hypocritically talk out of doing everything I did at their age. I spent most of the night looking after people and watching my brother get more trashed than I have ever seen anyone outside of an opium den.

Tons of gangster wannabes turned up uninvited and I had to boot them out a number of times. One of them threw a bottle at someone and glass went all over the floor of the house. I tried to make him clean it up but he wouldn't and would not leave so we promptly got in to a fight. He threw a number of ineffectual punches at me and I held him down in a threatening manner and told him that if he left I would not beat the crap out of him. He left. Then after his confidence had been boosted by, his lack of any kind of realistic view of the world, and his "friends" bravado and over confidence bolstering. he returned. At this point I told him to leave again and he started fighting me again. He threw more punches that either skidded off me or were so lacking in force I didn't notice them, while I grabbed him and put him in a head lock. Here I do have to give him credit for his seemingly endless energy and tolerance for loss of air supply. I kept him in a head lock for sometime until he finally realised he was about to pass out and went in to a frantic last ditch effort to get out of the hold. Unfortunately it worked, however after all this he was hardly in a state to argue much anymore, so he left, this time for good.

After this the party seemed to go a little better and the people who were actually invited were much happier, those that had not been attacked by the arseholes throwing bottles were happier anyway, the ones that had been were probably a little too blurred to actually notice.

Here I will just note that although I have made it out that I was entirely on top of the situation and did not get any bruises, I did in fact get a little lump on the head and on Sunday my muscles were all aching like I had just shot up straight lactic acid in to every sinew.

The Swank party that I missed because I am turning in to an old fogie:

As you can probably guess I completely missed the swanky party because I had to keep a handle on my brothers party. Which I am not very happy about at all. I spoke to my friend that attended the swanky party and it sounded totally killer. He managed to get his grubby little mits on Pinks fine assets and he tongued Anna Nicole Smith. Now that sounds like a party to me.

I could live without the Anna Nicole bit but I wouldn't have minded getting it on with Pink.... I wonder if she is in the market for a house boy... hmm...

Well there is not much else I can write here as I didn't get many more details, I might find out some more and post it later.

Keeping the dream alive,
Et Fidelis.